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Azary Messerer, PhD comes from the well-known artistic Messerer-Plisetsky dynasty in Russia. His mother, Raisa Glezer, was a prominent musicologist there. His first piano teacher was Sophia Rostropovich (the great Mstislav Rostropovich’s mother). He grew up listening to such formidable pianists as Sviatoslav Richter. Later he took lessons from Boris Vineshenker who was a student of the legendary Felix Blumenfeld. Upon his graduation from the College of Foreign Languages in Moscow, Azary became a radio journalist, interviewing many outstanding people, including composers: Shostakovitch, Khachaturian, Britten, Copland; pianists: Ashkenazi, Ogden; writers, i.e. John Cheever and actors, i.e. John Guilgud and Paul Scofield.

When he immigrated to the USA in 1981, he taught English literature in a high school. He was also a chess coach at the FDR High School in Brooklyn and his team won several times at the Greater New York championships and a 5th place in the National Championship.

Azary received his Ph.D in Communication at NYU.  He has lectured in a number of Universities, including Darthmouth, NYU, Touro College and Boston University.

 A Lecture at Dartmouth University

Azary studied piano with Jeffrey Biegel in USA; performed in libraries: New York, Boston, Philadelphia and at the Scriabin Museum in Moscow. He made several CDs.


Clouds by Phil Messerer  WATCH a video clip Clouds by Phil Messerer, accompaniment by Azary Messerer

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